Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have finished the book Gym Candy. It is about Mick Johnson, a sophomore, at a high school in California. He is the starting running back as a freshmen, but is stop short of the goal line in a big game. That is when he realizes he needs to get stronger and starts lifting weights. Soon he isn't getting stronger and gets a membership at Popeye's, a local gym, and starts to work out there. There at Popeye's he is offered steroids but doesn't want to take them.

Once football starts there is a new freshmen running back who could take Mick's starting spot. So when he goes back to Popeye's he starts to use the drug D-bol. Mick starts to get stronger and soon is one of the best players in the state. The side effects of the drug kick in and makes him stop taking it. Once he gets back on he decides its not working good enough so he starts to take different kinds of steroids. Soon his friends start to wonder how hes getting so big.

Then Micks friends finds the steroids and talks to Mick about them. They go to the beach where Mick pulls out a gun and tries to shoot himself. Luckily he misses and only takes off a piece of his scalp.

At the hospital Mick talks to a police officer and his trainer at Popeye's goes to jail. Mick then gets help at a facility where he stays for the next month.

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